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The latest chapter in the ongoing Skywalker saga is much more divisive amongst audiences than The Force Awakens , primarily due to Johnson effectively wiping the slate clean for Abrams to build off with his forthcoming sequel, Star Wars: Episode IX . Despite tepid reactions by many fans, The Last Jedi still managed to amass the second highest-grossing opening weekend at the domestic box office . And that opening gross was possible even though Johnson’s film is the longest Star Wars movie ever released, running at 2 hours 31 minutes. Interestingly, though,  The Last Jedi ‘s assembly cut was originally 3 hours long . While many of those deleted scenes will never see the light of day, some of them just might show up on the film’s Blu-Ray/DVD release.

Deleted Scenes BedbedbedbedbedDeleted Scenes BedbedbedbedbedDeleted Scenes BedbedbedbedbedDeleted Scenes Bedbedbedbedbed